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A southerly breeze will bring warmer, more moist air into North Alabama over the next 24-36 hours ahead of a developing storm system. This is a system we will be watching carefully over the next day or so as it will likely impact North Alabama with strong to severe thunderstorms late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.
For now though, it is a quiet Monday across North Alabama. Quite a bit of cloud-cover, but very little precipitation – only a few spotty light sprinkles here and there. A few breaks in the clouds are allowing some peeks of sunshine in some areas, aiding temps in warming through the 60s. Afternoon high temperatures will range from the mid to upper 60s depending on how much sunshine you see at your particular location.
Things remain quiet into tonight and Tuesday – no thunderstorms, no severe weather yet. Temperatures tonight will not fall very much overnight due to a southerly wind bringing in warmer, moist air. Overnight lows in the mid 50s.
Tuesday will be warmer, with a few peeks of sunshine through the clouds at times. Any light rain showers/sprinkles will be brief. Most will reach the 70 degree mark with some mid 70s possible west of I-65.
Severe thunderstorms will begin to develop to our west on Tuesday over parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana… eventually moving into the Mississippi Delta region Tuesday night.
TIMING: Arrival of the severe storms, likely in the form of squall line is expected AFTER 2:00am Wednesday morning, and spread eastward across North Alabama during the morning hours on Wednesday. Exact timing is difficult to nail down at this point, but we will know more details concerning this tomorrow.
MAIN THREATS: This system will have plenty of wind energy to work with, and damaging wind gusts will be the main threat. However, there is still a tornado potential within the line or with any storms that develop ahead of the squall line. But again, the main threat will be damaging straight-line wind gusts. Storms will be very fast moving in excess of 50-60mph.
The system will exit the area by Wednesday afternoon – followed by a rush of much cooler air. There will be no further threat of severe weather.
Much cooler conditions will continue into the upcoming weekend as well with highs generally in the 40s, and lows generally in the 20s Thursday through Sunday.

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